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Winner of The Barclays Award for Building Resilient Business 2017

Homes or business that were affected by flooding caused by Storm Desmond or Storm Eva, were eligible for a £5,000 Property Level Resilience Grant. Unfortunately the Resilience Grant application scheme has now ended.


The grants where intended to fund measures that improve the property’s resilience or resistance to flooding and include a flood survey to determine the most efficient ways to protect your home, business and belongings from the misery of flood damage.

 The grant application scheme ended on 31 March 2017

Our Flood Grant Advice Centres
closed on the 31 March 2017


We  would like to thank everyone
for the support and help during the last year

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About Adler & Allan

Adler & Allan is a flood mitigation specialist and 24/7 emergency response business. Working in collaboration with, and as members of the Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG), which is part of Business In The Community (BITC), HRH Prince Charles Responsible Business Network, we are committed to helping local communities respond, recover and prepare for emergencies such as flooding. We work with local authorities and community groups to help residents and businesses prepare for future flood events

We can provide a flood survey for your property and explain the best options available to make your property more flood resistant or resilient. From pumps and sumps, to flood doors and barriers, we supply a wide range of flood resilience products, all fitted by our professional, accredited engineers.


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